Mushroom Log Update

March 6, 2009

The mushroom log wasn’t doing anything, so I decided to shock it again (soak in cold water for at least 24 hours).  After I did, I called the company, because what appeared to be mold was growing underneath the wax on the end of the log.  Well, apparently, they had a temp. working for them who mistakenly put wax on the log; it wasn’t even supposed to be there!  So I scraped it off.  After a few days, a white cotton-like mold grew on the bottom end of the log, so I called again.  That white, fuzzy growth, as it turns out, is the shiitake mycelium–it’s a good thing.  So I’m now supposed to soak the log at room temperature for 48 hours and then freeze it in a plastic bag.  So more waiting.  And I bet you can’t wait for the next update.

As my niece might say, “Patience is a hurt you, girlfriend.”


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