Water Saving Ideas

June 1, 2009

Visit this link to see ways you can decrease your use of water.  The ideas range from taking showers instead of baths (also look into a low flow shower head–for Seinfeld fans, they are not that bad.  In fact, I don’t even notice a difference) to peeing in your garden.  There is actually a website dedicated to peeing outside.  Running water is an often overlooked luxury, and because we don’t think about it, we tend to use too much.  As always, awareness is the key–pay attention to how much water you use.  It saves more than money.


3 Responses to “Water Saving Ideas”

  1. andrew said

    Can you post the link to the webiste dedicated to peeing outside? I should probably wait to check it out when I’m not on a work computer, but I’m intrigued….

  2. andrew said

    I’m really disappointed that I missed Pee Outside Day. There’s always next year.

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