But Organic Food is So Expensive

June 24, 2009

I often stand in the grocery aisle thinking, “I know this isn’t organic, but the organic one is so expensive.  Do I really want to spend that much?”  It’s true.  Organic is so expensive.  And local is expensive.  And organic local is really expensive.  Consider this, though: “a dollar spent at a local business turns over seven times in that community; while the same dollar spent at a box store or chain only turns over 2.5 times.”  And this: “Conventional chemical-based agriculture is a net emitter of CO2 and by some estimates contributes between 9 – 20% of our total greenhouse gases in the U.S.”  This blows my mind.  I am often so overwhelmed at how much energy I, and we, use.  And to think that we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 20% just by buying organic…wow.

We have to decide where our commitment lies, and it may be a cliche, but money speaks.  Our money can speak to our commitments, and if our commitment is to our local economy and to our environment, maybe we need to evaluate where our money is spent.  Some changes are beyond us, and government can be so frustrating, but when we take our money away from industrial agriculture and factory farms, they do start to notice.

Now listen, they may not notice when my money is gone, but they most certainly will notice when our money is gone.  It takes commitment, and it takes lifestyle changes, but who of us hasn’t already made some semi-difficult changes by taking shorter showers or turning up the thermostat when it’s 105 degrees in June (it’s really hot).

Let’s make another change.  It’s gonna take all of us.

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3 Responses to “But Organic Food is So Expensive”

  1. ms.eggsandsoup said

    To follow up, Stephen and I decided about a year ago to commit to buying local AND organic whenever possible. We realized we could call ourselves environmentalists all day long, but our actions proved otherwise. Yes, it IS expensive to buy organic and local, but its a part of our monthly budget now and we make it a priority. Not only does it positively affect our own health, but also our local economy. The statistics Stephen put in his post are frightening and were enough to wake us out of our slumber. I hope you’ll feel the same way. We’re all in this together and we CAN make a difference in our little “neck of the woods”.

  2. mr.eggsandsoup said

    By the way, I kinda wish we could do away with the term “organic,” since it is the normal way to grow and produce. Why can’t we have a term that we use for non-organic products? A few ideas: pesticidey, manipulated, contaminated, chocked full of growth hormones/artificial fertilizers. Imagine this commercial: “Try Farmland’s (a company that uses Smithfield pork products) all new antibiotic infused thick-cut pepper bacon. Mmmm, tasty.

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