What’s the Deal with Palm Oil?

July 6, 2009

You probably remember my letter to Whole Foods and their response.  And if you hadn’t previously noticed the prevalence of palm oil, I hope you have started–it is in everything.

Palm oil plantations are seriously threatening the dwindling population of orangutans, as well as other endangered species, in Indonesia and Malaysia.  We learn from Tree Hugger that “25,000 square miles have been cleared and burned to make way for palm oil plantations.  That burning releases enough carbon dioxide into the air to rank Indonesia as the No. 3 such polluter in the world.”

Whole Foods promises to use certified sustainable sources of palm oil in their products by 2012, which is laudible, but who knows how many endangered species will be irreparably harmed before that time.  Hey Whole Foods, maybe you need to concern yourself less with the “stability” of your peanut butter and more with the stability of our ecosystem.

Visit The Rainforest Action Network’s The Problem with Palm Oil site to learn more about this serious problem and what you can do.


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