suki won me over

July 8, 2009

I’ve been on the search for organic, fair trade, safe ingredient make-up specifically for acneic skin and I finally stumbled upon Suki.  I found this amazing concealer for acne prone skin but once I looked at the ingredient list I became a bit skeptical.  It included ingredients that usually have high toxicity levels (which was confusing since Suki claims they are organic and safe) so I decided to email them about my concerns.  The next day I received a very impressive response from a customer service representative.   Suki won me over and so has their website.  They seem to know their stuff and I trust that knowledge.  I ordered the concealer along with several other face products.  I’ll report back once I try them out.  Check out!  I especially like their list of ingredients to avoid, which you can find here.  Below is my email conversation with the rep.

“I really wanted to purchase this product until I read the ingredients.  Why is it necessary to put Cetearyl Alcohol, Sodium Borate, and Titanium Dioxide in the product?  Are you aware of the toxicity levels in these ingredients and the harmful effects they can have on humans?  If you changed your product to be free of these ingredients, I would be a customer for life. Thank you. Courtney”

“hello Courtney, thank you for contacting us. first of all i would like to commend you for taking the time to research the ingredients in the products you use.
perhaps i can ease some of your concerns about the sodium borate in our tinted active moisturizer & in our liquid concealer. we use sodium borate as a natural emulsifying aid. the ingredient is used like lye in the process of soap making, and released during the natural chemical reaction. subsequently, the final formulas are free of the actual ingredient & will not cause irritation or harm to animals, humans, or the environment.
we make mineral color cosmetics. titanium dioxide is a mineral color, the only one in fact that produces a white tint. if you want a color that is beige, natural, porcelain, or in the family of skin tone color at all, you must use this ingredient. your alternatives are fd & c, coal tar or aluminum lake colors proven to cause cancer. our titanium is non-micronized meaning, not processed using nanotechnology. we use it along with iron oxide to also provide a physical sunblock of spf 15 in our sukicolor tinted active moisturizer & liquid formula concealer. there is some literature available that warns against titanium dioxide. this is because titanium dioxide occurrences in nature are never pure; sometimes the refining process is toxic & sometimes it isn’t. sometimes the process is complete & sometimes it isn’t. titanium dioxide that has not been fully refined is not pure, & should be avoided. it is important to note that we use both a complete & non-toxic process (instead of nano-technology).
the cetearyl alcohol we use is a vegetable fatty acid. it is a food grade coconut wax, and we use it because it is a natural thickener & moisturizing element.
Suki takes great pride, as you can see by reading our extensive website & blog, in our ingredient integrity & education. we use the naturally occurring forms of all our ingredients, even our cutting edge cosmecueticals, so our customers can use them in confidence even when pregnant or on babies.
thank you again for taking the time to write, please feel free to contact us with any further questions.”  [I’m not sure why they use all lower case, but its the same way on the website.]

“Thank you for the timely response!  You’ve completely changed my mind about your products and I’ll be ordering the concealer soon. Thank you, Courtney”


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