The Blessed Ones

September 4, 2009

Many of us have been blessed with knowing how our goods are manufactured, how our every action affects our environment, how our decisions do eventually affect individuals across the globe, how certain chemicals damage our bodies.  And I hate, but also love, the stress that knowing causes.  It doesn’t just stress me mentally, but also physiologically and financially.

I am proud that I stress about every item I place in a trash bin.  I need to know that my trash has to go somewhere.  But I also have to deal with the mental anguish and do everything I can to divert that item from becoming trash next time.  That mental anguish causes me to pull out my eyebrows and sideburns–literally.

I hope Knowledge is Health, Courtney’s and my attempt at a blog, does simply offer knowledge that can positively affect our health and our world’s health.  I am passionate about this stuff, and I know some of our readers share that passion, but I also understand that we are all on unique journeys that take different, and very beautiful, turns.  My passion does not have to be your passion.

I hope that for our actions detrimental to our own health and our world’s we will feel sorrow.  And I hope that for the changes we make out of concern for ourselves and others we will feel bliss.  It’s just about impossible to know the consequences of all of our actions, but we owe it to ourselves, our neighbors, and our future neighbors to respond when we learn of those consequences.  And our response should be as unique as we are.  All I ask is that you respond.


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