Preparing for Winter

September 21, 2009

Due to the beautiful weather and a need to accomplish house and yard tasks prior to winter, posts have been a bit lacking.  This is what we have done:

Planted blueberry bushes: I purchased 3 year-old bushes from Waters Blueberry Farm in Smithville.  They will offer us organic blueberries for up to 65 days each year, and since local, organic blueberries are hard to come by, we hope this will save us some money and trouble.  Plus, edible landscape is fun.

Amended clay soil: be very glad if you don’t have clay soil.  We have spent a lot of time mixing sand and leaves into the clay soil in hopes of creating a more friendly environment for plants.  We have also planted tulips and daffodils as we have amended, so come early spring, our front yard should offer a splendid view.

Repaired old windows: this is ongoing and may be for quite some time, but we currently have a hole in our house.  Our old windows have been nearly useless for the two years I have owned the house.  The glass is about to fall out, and most of them are painted shut.  So, I am trying to fix them.  I have removed one window and am working to reseal the glass.  I have to do this one window at a time, and I hope to finish two more before cold weather.

This is what we have left to do:

Plant a ton of daylilies: these things are everywhere in our yard, and between the spot where we planted the blueberry bushes to the front where we amended the soil, we removed quite a few.  We are going to plant them in the backyard in hopes of adding some color to our urban lawn.

Add insulation to the attic: before October ends, we plan to blow some additional insulation into our attic.  Old, leaky houses are expensive to heat, and I’d like to keep stress on the environment and on our pocket book (what is a pocket book, anyway?) to a minimum.

Lots to do.  Not a lot of time.  Far too soon, though, cold weather will discourage me from venturing outside and force me to dream of daffodils and spring planting.


One Response to “Preparing for Winter”

  1. mr.eggsandsoup said

    Window update: along the way, I have realized there is far more to do than I anticipated. The window I removed had some gaps near the joists, so I filled those, and the filler took longer than I had hoped to dry. The wood on the sashes was also a bit softer than I expected, so I used some wood hardener to amend it. So I have had to amend my plans as well. I will only finish one window before winter, since nights are getting brisk, and the plastic over the hole does not provide adequate insulation. I shall begin this project a bit earlier next year.

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