Sing a Song for Spring

March 16, 2010

That’s what I want to do.  I’m sure we all share this feeling, but I love it more every year.  Ever since I have begun gardening, spring cannot come soon enough.  In January I begin planning the garden, and when I finish planning, I review and revise my plans several times just because the thinking and the dreaming get me through.  I ordered seeds, and I spent at least an hour with them when they arrived (Court can affirm this).  Potatoes are in route to KC via UPS.  Hurry up, Brown!

We bought native plants for our backyard ( is a great starting point, and I ordered our plants from and picked them up at Burr Oak Woods), and they have been sitting on our front porch sprouting because it’s been too wet and cold to plant.  I am so obsessed I check on them a couple times a day to see if any new sprouts have emerged.  And believe me, I notice when one does.  I am re-reading Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard, and her words only increase my fascination with life and nature.  I feel myself sprouting anew with our Golden Currant bushes.  I feel taller and more alive with our Wild Sweet William.

I have onion sprouts growing in our home.  I decided to start the seeds of only one kind of plant inside, because I’ve never done it, and I only have one lamp we can use to give light (life).  Plus, the couple from whom we buy raw milk grow beautiful heirloom tomatoes and peppers and have agreed to grow a few extra plants for us.  I trust them more than I trust myself.  But I am becoming more confident.

Greta has also grown stir-crazy.  She meows at the door at all times of day.  She is not an outdoor cat, but she loves her little glimpses of the wild.  We are well aware that her desire to go outside means we must be prepared for fleas.  We choose not to use chemicals on her, and many of our friends recall our flea problems of 2009.  We are determined not to go through that again, so we must keep up the combing and keep up the vacuuming.

I already love the excitement that comes with spring.  Add to that the ongoing planning for a wedding, which I’m pretty excited about too, and this spring is unlike any other.  The birds are ready, the impatient daffodils are ready, Greta’s ready, and Courtney and I are excited about walking again, reading on the porch, and breathing life into our back yard.  Hooray for seasons!


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