Tips for Simple Living

September 23, 2010

This is the idea: each week we will offer a tip for simple living, free of charge. As you know, we value buying organic and local products, using toxic-free cosmetics, and recycling. But we think these are just as important: buying less, using fewer cosmetic products, creating less waste (even if it can be recycled). Simple living practices can go a long way in reducing our impact on the earth, and they often reduce the impact on our bank account. So tune in weekly for our tips. If you feel so inclined, share your personal experience, or offer your own tips.

And here we go:

Spritz vodka on clothing with stinky pits. With this simple remedy, you can prolong the length of time between washings, which saves water and may increase the longevity of your clothing. It’s especially helpful for items that recommend dry cleaning, such as dresses or sport coats. Just take some cheap vodka (save the Ketel One for cocktails), put it in a small spray bottle, and spritz it on the pits.  No more stink.


6 Responses to “Tips for Simple Living”

  1. Tomika Anderson said

    This is awesome – I’m going to try it ASAP! Thanks guys.

  2. MO said

    Hey COYO, this is awesome tip! Does this mean we can apply it to any type of clothing material? I.e: stinky Gym shirts or are we limited to dress clothes? Thanks!!!

  3. sara said

    ah! I am excited for the weekly tip!!

  4. mr.eggsandsoup said

    Mo, this isn’t necessarily limited to dress clothes, but it works best on garments that, other than one or two stinky areas, are generally clean. For gym shorts or socks, you’re probably better off washing them. We’ve used this for dresses, jackets, and shirts (dress and non-dress).

  5. Janna said

    A friend told me recently that the Kansas City Ballet sprays vodka on their costumes to deodorize them between performances when there’s no time to wash. Interesting!

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