Tips for Simple Living: Hang Dry Your Clothes

December 15, 2010

Hang dry your clothes. Am I crazy for suggesting this in the winter? Not really. Your clothes line might be shorter in the winter, but wherever you wash your clothes, assuming you do so at home, hang a rope and dry your clothes. This is even easier if you have a drying rack. Air drying clothes saves a significant amount of energy (and some money), and if your home is like ours, you can use some extra humidity. If you can’t stand crunchy clothes, try tossing them in the dryer for 5 minutes once they’re dry–it will help soften them up.


2 Responses to “Tips for Simple Living: Hang Dry Your Clothes”

  1. Mary said

    If you live in a cold climate the clothes that you dry inside your home on your clothes drying rack will also add much needed moisture into your home. Since we started air drying inside in the winter we have not had as many nose bleeds and the house feels warmer.

  2. Ms.eggsandsoup said

    It’s great to hear success stories from such a small change! We’re hoping a drying rack will provide enough humidity for us this winter, too. Stay warm!

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