I like the taste of beer.  A lot.  And I really like beer that has a small carbon footprint.  For Kansas Citians, that beer is anything from Boulevard Brewing Company, since it’s just so close (and they have a relatively new, state of the art, energy efficient brewhouse).  But I also like to switch it up occasionally, so it’s nice to know there are eco-friendly beer producers throughout the US.  One of those is Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. 

At Sierra Nevada, they have covered every inch of roof with solar panels.  They also grow their own hops, filter their own water, and pay farmers to grow organic grains.  The only reason their beer isn’t organic is this: beer is about 90% water, and water can’t be certified organic.  Pretty cool.  If you’d like to know more about Sierra Nevada’s environmental stewardship, visit their website.

And visit your local Gomer’s for a nice selection of Sierra Nevada brews.